About the competition

The jury of the competition does not consist of food specialists, but of ordinary customers who evaluate food products only by their taste, smell and appearance. Consumers are the most important experts in the food category as they vote for this or that product with the help of the ruble.

The winner of the "Best Taste" competition is defined by closed blind tasting. Samples that participate in the competition are encoded. National panelists evaluate the encoded products and vote for one best sample.

General terms of the "Best Taste"competition

Aims and Mission

Election of the leaders among the manufacturing enterprises in the categories based on the consumer preferences research.

The mission is assistance to production standards growth, drawing attention of the interested organizations and mass media representatives to production industry problems, education of consumers. 


Produkt.By magazine (the publisher — ALC "Tochno-vovremya")

Competition Procedure And Summing Up

The competition is held within the International Exhibition of Food, Beverages, Food Raw Materials "PRODEXPO" (Moscow) by organizing comparative closed tastings of samples in each category.

The election of the winner products is carried out on the basis of consumer evaluations. The samples are encoded during the closed tasting and information provided to the participants does not allow to identify the samples with the products of certain producers. Samples encoding is carried out on the tasting day with observance of the secrecy of coding. Each sample receives a certain number and the encoding act is drawn up. Information of the act may be disclosed only after the end of the tasting. The person involved in the process of encoding can't take part in the closed tasting.
The competition includes the following stages:

  1. Producers of food products from the CIS countries are offered to declare their product items in the different nominations of the competition. The list of the nominations is defined by the Organizer and published at www.konkursbest.ru. Participating producers provide their samples for tasting to the organizer.
  2. Voting will take place during the International Exhibition of Food, Beverages, Food Raw Materials "PRODEXPO" (Moscow). It will be carried out publicly and openly on the basis of the subjective evaluation of organoleptic properties of products. One taster has the right of one voice in each nomination.
  3. Winners of the popular vote are defined by counting of votes.
  4. The samples that take the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places receive diplomas of winners. All finalists are granted the right to label the winner product under the "Best Taste" sign for promotion purposes.
  5. The results of the competition will be published on the site of the Organizer, in the Produkt.By magazine and other print and electronic media - partners of the competition.


Participants of the competition are enterprises that carry out food and beverage production and sent an application for participation in the Competition.

Products of the enterprise should correspond to one of the nominations.

The participant and the Organizer sign the agreement for participation in the competition.

The organizers reserve the right to define certain product categories.

Registration Fee

The participant of the competition has to pay the Organizer a registration fee for presentation of each sample. The fee includes expenses of the Organizer on the national tasting, preparation of the report on results and publication of information and advertising materials about winners in mass media.

Additional services for participants and the amount of fees are defined by the Organizer upon mutual agreement of the parties.


2015 International competition tasting "Best Taste"

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